Seasonal Flower Alliance

If you don't already follow Floret Flower Farm's blog, I highly suggest you do. Erin, the resident farmer~florist, grows the most beautiful blooms and then arranges them in the most romantic ways. Her whimsical bouquets always catch me starry-eyed, dreaming of wandering through her fields of fragrant blooms. Erin has come up with a wonderful project highlighting the use of  local-in season flowers for bouquets, called the Seasonal Flower Alliance.

Fare Isle Blog, Seasonal Flower Alliance

On my walk home from the beach yesterday I was inspired by these beautiful yellow daffodils and forsythia blooms spotted along the way and "foraged" for this bouquet. I also saw some just blooming cherry blossoms but they were too high for me to reach. I always carry my clippers and a mason jar of water with me on walks with Iley in the stroller. Wild flowers have a special place in my heart, and I am looking forward to the burst of summer blooms to pop up all over the island. In addition, I am super excited for our garden grown flowers this year. We planted lots of Asian lilies in the fall and I cannot wait to see and smell them!