Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

I put together a little recipe roundup story for a plant-based Thanksgiving using the story app, Steller. It's only my second story there, but you can find me under the same name: @fareisle, if you want to follow along for future stories. I couldn't include all of the recipes I wanted to in the story, so you can peruse them at your leisure in the list of links below.

I'm not entirely sure what we'll be making this year. We're heading "off island" on the ferry tomorrow to journey northward to Maine. I'm going to see what my parents have harvested from their garden and try to find some Maine-grown veg and go from there. I'm bringing homemade tofu, dried beans and grains, and some heirloom squashes grown on Nantucket. I wanted to have a batch of yogurt ready to bring, but time got the best of me (yet again). I think we'll be ok though.

I come from a family that believes you can never have too much food at gatherings. My mother has 7 brothers and 2 sisters (I lost count of how many first cousins I have when the tally reached 30, and its been growing since that time...)  so our family Thanksgivings always had enough food to feed a small army. Serious though. When the number of pies can longer be counted on two hands you know your family is a. huge, b. crazy, c. italian, d. all of the above. The cousins table was always the place to be seated, where plate piling skillz were judged, and many many laughs shared. It also doubled as the after dinner scrabble tournament table, and this was a serious competition between grandma Mary (the matriarch) and the 3 witches (my mom and her sisters-they are affectionately called that btw). A couple of us youngins would get a coveted seat and try our best to defeat the masters. But I digress...

For me Thanksgiving was and still is all about the food, good food that nourishes us, and feeds our souls, bringing us together around the table of a bountiful feast. And good food is meant to be shared in thanks with those you love. So in a way, everyday is Thanksgiving. I want to wish you all a wonderful one (once again, I know) hope it's full of good food and drink and great company!

Plan Your Plant-Based Thanksgiving Menu