Maker-Made Gift Guide 2015

I'm afraid this gift guide might be more appropriately named "Kait's Wishlist" or my adult "Dear Santa" letter. But I know most (all?) of you share in my affinity for objects made from one's hands, with care, and time, and usually copious amounts of blood sweat and tears. Things that carry a bit of the maker's soul in them, perfectly imperfect, objects of use and authenticity. Below you'll find my picks from some of my favorite artists and artisans (and a couple of Fare Isle goods thrown in for good measure).

I really put this list together because I'm sick of the glorification of Black Friday sales, the commercialization of every holiday, and the masses of plastic crap that end up in landfills not long after they were purchased. Let's give more thoughtfully, and support small businesses in the process, because it better for the soul and for our planet.

I'd love to hear who your favorite makers are! Please share in the comments!

Maker-Made Gifts for the Kitchen & Home

Fare Isle | 2015 Maker-Made Holiday Gift Guide - Kitchen & Home
Fare Isle 2015 Maker Made Holiday Gift Guide