Garden Update

Shots from our gardens from late August through now. September brings with it a generous harvest every year. Ripening fruits, flavorful veggies, healing herbs and beautiful flowers. It is a blessed feeling to wake up every morning and walk through our little patch...

Siberian yellow melon

sun gold-sweet sweet sweet!

late blooming sunflower

beautiful okra flower

fuchsia cosmos

scotch bonnet chilis

vital rosemary

healing sage

calming lavender

coriander blossoms 

black eyed Susan's & calendula

Burmese okra

towering sunflowers and Bantam corn

ripening melon and wild fungi

last of the cucumbers

Matt's wild cherry tomatoes

Indian summer beauties

edible nasturtium flowers

happy cosmo

a sea of hot chili pepper plants

the fig tree grew from the cutting off of my late grandmother Mary's mother tree

figs coming along

healing comfrey

busy bee

harvest gifts

mama provides in abundance