Organic Nantucket Rocket Cider

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Organic Nantucket Rocket Cider


Give your system a boost with our organic Rocket Cider. Traditionally used as an herbal medicine for boosting your immune system, rocket cider makes an excellent accompaniment to culinary preparations as well. All of the organic and Nantucket grown ingredients are used for their antibacterial and immune boosting qualities. This stuff really works!

Our own Nantucket homegrown organic habanero chili peppers are infused in organic raw apple cider vinegar with organic sweet onion, organic heirloom homegrown garlic, organic horseradish root, organic lemon, organic homegrown herbs and spices and sweetened real Vermont grade B maple syrup to create this zesty hot sauce. Use on everything: veggies, tofu, fish, poultry meats, eggs. Add to your salsa and top off your tacos for a little extra kick. We let the habaneros ripen to their full potential and reach maximum heat.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar*
Habanero Chili Peppers*
Vermont Maple Syrup*

If you are wondering why we changed the name to Rocket Cider and why f•re cider is censored it is because of a company who trademarked this traditional term and has been going after small businesses like ourselves who make and sell this well known herbal tonic. Please sign the petition to revoke the trademark on F•re Cider here:

8.5 oz.

Made by hand with love on Nantucket Island in our licensed and vegan kitchen.


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